Video-Speed Graphene Modulator Arrays for Terahertz Imaging Applications

  title={Video-Speed Graphene Modulator Arrays for Terahertz Imaging Applications},
  author={Y. V. Malevich and M. Said Ergoktas and Gokhan Bakan and Pietro Steiner and Coskun Kocabas},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
Electrically tuneable high mobility charges on graphene yield an efficient electro-optical platform to control and manipulate terahertz (THz) waves. Real-world applications require a multiplex THz device with efficient modulation over a large active area. The trade-off between the efficient gating and switching speed, however, hinders the realization of these applications. Here, we demonstrate a large-format 256-pixel THz modulator which provides high-frame-rate reconfigurable transmission… 

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