Video Skimming

  title={Video Skimming},
  author={Vivekraj V. K. and Debashis Sen and Balasubramanian Raman},
  journal={ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)},
  pages={1 - 38}
Video skimming, also known as dynamic video summarization, generates a temporally abridged version of a given video. Skimming can be achieved by identifying significant components either in uni-modal or multi-modal features extracted from the video. Being dynamic in nature, video skimming, through temporal connectivity, allows better understanding of the video from its summary. Having this obvious advantage, recently, video skimming has drawn the focus of many researchers benefiting from the… 

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Motion Based Video Skimming

This work describes an unsupervised technique that automatically extracts the important clips from an input video and generates a summarized version of that video.

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This paper provides the research studies and technologies advancing the video analyses in the era of big data and cloud computing, and proposes a service-oriented layered reference architecture for intelligent video big data analytics in the cloud.

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It is proved that the proposed weighted thresholding homotopy algorithm converges to an <inline-formula> <tex-math notation="LaTeX">$L$ </tex- math></inline- formula>-stationary point of the original problem.

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This paper discusses and analyze the security issues of UAVs systems, and examines the safety, security, privacy and regulatory issues associated with integration into the national airspace and concludes with some recommendations.



Video skimming and characterization through the combination of image and language understanding

  • Michael A. SmithT. Kanade
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 1998 IEEE International Workshop on Content-Based Access of Image and Video Database
  • 1998
The goal of this work is to show the utility of integrating language and image understanding techniques for video skimming by extraction of significant information, such as specific objects, audio keywords and relevant video structure.

Techniques for movie content analysis and skimming: tutorial and overview on video abstraction techniques

A tutorial on the existing abstraction work for generic videos and state-of-the-art techniques for feature film skimming are presented and the authors' recent work on movie skimming using audiovisual tempo analysis and specific cinematic rules are described.

Static and dynamic video summaries

Two approaches for the construction of the summary using both video and text are proposed, one of which focuses on static summaries and the other addresses dynamic summaries.

A model of motion attention for video skimming

A new computational model of motion attention and the approach to applying this model in video skimming is presented and the effectiveness of the architecture and model is demonstrated by user studies of visual skimming experiments.

Dynamic video summarization using two-level redundancy detection

An algorithm for video summarization with a two-level redundancy detection procedure that removes redundant video content using hierarchical agglomerative clustering in the key frame level and a repetitive frame segment detection procedure to remove redundant information in the initial video summary.

Video Summarization with Visual and Semantic Features

This paper presents a method combining both visual and semantic features which assign semantic concepts to video segments through automatic video annotation, and demonstrates that semantic coherence is very helpful for video summarization when being fused with different visual features.

Personalized Video Summarization Based on Behavior of Viewer

  • A. YoshitakaK. Sawada
  • Computer Science
    2012 Eighth International Conference on Signal Image Technology and Internet Based Systems
  • 2012
A novel framework of video summarization based on the detection of viewer behavior during watching video contents as a solution for the issue of diversity of viewers preference or interest is proposed.

Online video summarization on compressed domain

Dynamic video summarization and visualization

A new video summarization procedure is introduced that produces a dynamic (video) abstract of the original video sequence, in which two semantic events; emotionaldialogue and violentfeatured action are characterized and abstracted into the video summary before all other events.

A user attention model for video summarization

A generic framework of video summarization based on the modeling of viewer's attention is presented, which takes advantage of computational attention models and eliminates the needs of complex heuristic rules inVideo summarization.