Video Game Control Dimensionality Analysis


In this paper we have studied the video games control dimensionality and its effects on the traditional way of interpreting difficulty and familiarity in games. This paper presents the findings in which we have studied the Xbox 360 console's games control dimensionality. Multivariate statistical operations were performed on the collected data from 83 different games of Xbox 360. It was found that the player's perceived level of familiarity and difficulty can be influenced by the game control dimensionality. We also found that the perceived difficulty varies with control dimensionality and that the familiarity tends to show no relation to the user's perceived difficulty. A way to measure and better understand familiarity and difficulty for games using the control dimensionality can thus give a better interpretation of different genres of games to its players and also to the game designers for further improvements in games' design. Positive transfer of this could bring forward new knowledge for game designers to augment learning of different genres of games.

DOI: 10.1145/2677758.2677784

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