Video Game Console Audio: Evolution and Future Trends

  title={Video Game Console Audio: Evolution and Future Trends},
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Rapidly advancing technologies and the increasing role of computers give the computer game boundless potential for the future. Among the various game industries, the console game industry in particular has attracted significant attention, bringing the importance of sound and music to the forefront. Game music was traditionally used for sound effects to prevent user boredom. As gaming developed, so did audio, being utilized for numerous purposes. As gaming platforms increased in power and… 
Procedural Audio in Computer Games Using Motion Controllers: An Evaluation on the Effect and Perception
The experimental results showed that, when being actively involved in playing or purely observing a video recording of a game, the majority of participants did not notice any difference in sound and it was not possible to show that the use of procedural audio caused any consistent change in the motor behavior.
From sinewaves to physiologically-adaptive soundscapes: the evolving relationship between sound and emotion in video games
This chapter examines the dynamic and evolving relationship between sound and emotion within the context of video games. How sound in games has been utilised to both infer and evoke emotion is


The console market
This paper identifies a number of characteristics pertaining to games consoles and game development, and examines the state of the console market as of the summer of 2001, focusing on the main manufacturers, their consoles, and how they may fare in the near future.
The implementation of interactive music system for massive multi-player online game
An interactive technique capable of matching music and screen is developed by taking advantage of the recent advance of DirectMusic developed by Microsoft to dig into the musical techniques interactivity for game music.
The Complete Guide to Game Audio: For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers and Game Developers
From the Publisher: This comprehensive guide gives readers with basic music compositional skills the information they need to become commercially viable artisans. In addition to providing a
The History of Video Games
Electromechanical games have been with us at least as long as the slot machines and 3-D effects are easy to generate using real models and the use of 1/2 silvered mirrors allows floating effects.
Digital Play: The Interaction of Technology, Culture, and Marketing
A uniquely critical study of video gaming that blends perspectives from political economy, cultural studies, and communications theory.
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