Video Conferencing with CAI for Better Impact on Training and Education : An Indian Scenario


Videoconferencing is changing the way Education is being imparted. It facilitates the effective teaching, a face-toface meeting environment, clearing the way for efficient communication. It is an effective form of communication with distinct benefits. Today, more than ever, it is proving to be an extremely powerful tool, helps to gain knowledge with ease by helping us to increase effectiveness, maximize the resources and optimize the productivity. Some of the distinct benefits of videoconferencing are: it lets you be at two different places at the same time, and you can have more frequent contacts with students, parents, other institutes, universities without leaving the place of work. It allows for ad-hoc meetings, letting you discuss the urgent matters and take immediate decisions. The Audio and video interaction enables you to act as you would in a physical meeting by letting you save the time, the resources and money. With respect to instructions, student’s achievements and attitude towards learning, research has not proven the efficacy of computers and software alone. However, when used appropriately as a supplement to conventional instructions, several researchers have found the results to be overwhelmingly positive, in education. Computer software provides many instructional benefits, but Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) can have a much greater impact on student’s learning. In a classroom utilizing CAI, students often work independently or in pairs at computers around the room. Training had become most essential and integral part of our life. Hence, in order to sustain with today’s enormous pressure of healthy competition, it is the need of an hour to review the various teaching /training aids and accordingly choose the best one like video conferencing combine with CAI. Index Terms OHP, LCD, CAI, Net meeting.

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