Video Based Lane Departure Warning System using Hough Transform


Road traffic accident is one of the problems that are risking lives of people. Many lane departure crashes especially on high-way roads are due to driver’s inattention or incompetence or drowsiness. Therefore a system is needed to save the considerable number of lives by warning the driver of imminent danger. Detecting and localizing lanes from a road image is an important component of many intelligent transportation systems. In fact lane detection is one of the most studied topics for intelligent transportation systems within the present decade. Many research teams around the world have been trying to improve lane detection and warning systems. For the lane detection system to become more effective, the system must be as cheap as possible. Therefore, instead of using sensors such as RADAR, most systems are being implemented with the help of video camera. The most prevalent methods involve visible-light cameras, and are based on computer vision and image processing. This paper describes implementation of a lane detection system using Hough Transform. The proposed system can detect road lane markers in a video stream and an unintended departure from the lane. The input to the system is video streams recorded by the video camera mounted on the vehicle. The input is processed by using Hough Line and Hough Transform to detect lane marks. The detected lane marks and vehicle positions are used to determine whether the vehicle stays on its lane or stays out of lane. The system will produce an alarm message to the driver for lane departures. Keywords—Computer Vision, Hough Transform, image processing, lane detection, video processing

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