Victorian data processing

  title={Victorian data processing},
  author={Martin Campbell-Kelly},
  journal={Communications of the ACM},
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Reflections on the first payment systems. 
Distributed Ledgers : Innovation and Regulation in Financial Infrastructure and Payment Systems ”
Distributed ledgers have the potential to transform economic organization and financial structure. Yet the subject is embroiled in controversy, hype, and terminological inconsistencies. Rather than
Information Society, Domains, and Culture
The main point of this discussion of information domains is to suggest that the historians of computing should become more familiar with the literature on the history of libraries, archives, museums, conservation, and information science and see how they can learn from and integrate this knowledge into their own work.
A Question of Scale: Networks, Systems, and Practice
  • D. Yarnell
  • Art
    IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
  • 2010
What does the Ford mass-production story have to do with the history of computing? Everything. More than half a century before Toyota's just-in-time inventory captured hearts and minds around the
E-Government Considerations: A Focus on South Africa
Governments are faced with a number of challenges that are due to the increase in the size of the population and the increase in demands from the population for efficient and effective access to
Databank Systems Ltd: Gordon Hogg A Study in Internal Entrepreneurship
The early trapezitai (moneylenders) of Greece are credited with offering the first rudimentary payment system, in which a credit note given to a trader in one Greek port could be cashed with a
Werner’s Typology of Banking Theories
  • Ib Ravn
  • Economics, Linguistics
    Forum for Social Economics
  • 2019
AbstractThis paper examines and critiques a highly illuminating typology of three banking theories. The typology was proposed by Richard A. Werner, and it identifies the financial intermediation th...
The Role of History in Information Systems Research: Beyond Presentism
The aim of this chapter is to stimulate the contribution that historical awareness may add to the field of information systems (IS) research. Despite the offerings from the study of history, the IS
Seizing the opportunity: towards a historiography of information systems
It is suggested that IS research could benefit from adopting integrationist and reorientationist historical perspectives and some examples are offered to illustrate how that would contribute to enriching, extending and challenging existing theories.
Orders, Orders, Everywhere … on Hayek's The Market and Other Orders
This paper is a review essay of the latest volume of The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek, entitled 'The Market and other Orders.' The paper examines the development of Hayeks' ideas about order, as
Description of the Operational Mechanics of a Basel Regulated Banking System
This paper presents a description of the mechanical operations of banking as used in modern banking systems regulated under the Basel Accords, in order to provide support for a verifiable and


Economy of Machinery and Manufactures
Description Notice: This Book is published by Historical Books Limited ( as a Public Domain Book, if you have any inquiries, requests or need any help you can just send an