Victims' Psychosocial Well-Being After Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Military

  title={Victims' Psychosocial Well-Being After Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Military},
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Given the importance of reporting to sexual harassment prevention and intervention efforts, it is not surprising that an extensive scientific literature has developed on predictors of victims' decisions about making a formal report to authorities about their experiences. In contrast, little empirical work has focused on how reporting affects victims, particularly their psychosocial well-being. This study used a national sample of 1,562 former military Reservists who had experienced sexual… 
The Impact of Leadership Responses to Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination Reports on Emotional Distress and Retention Intentions in Military Members
Examination of the relationships among the actions as a result of reporting, reporting satisfaction, emotional distress, and retention intentions revealed experiencing positiveactions as a consequence of reporting was associated with increased satisfaction with reporting, which in turn wasassociated with decreased emotional distress and increased retention intentions.
Reporting Military Sexual Trauma: A Mixed-Methods Study of Women Veterans' Experiences Who Served From World War II to the War in Afghanistan.
Out of 52 female veterans, the majority was subjected to at least one form of MST, and 15% attempted to report the incident(s), and the majority of veterans remained silent due to lack of options to report, the status of perpetrators, and fear of retaliation.
In Her Own Words: Semi-structured Interviews of Women Veterans Who Experienced Military Sexual Assault
Twenty-one female veterans volunteered to talk about 29 events of military sexual assault (MSA) via semi-structured interviews covering pre-military abuse, during and immediately after the assault
Military Sexual Trauma Survivors' Experiences and Perceptions of Cognitive Processing Therapy
Military Sexual Trauma Survivors’ Experiences and Perceptions of Cognitive Processing Therapy by Sally A. Mead MSW, University of Houston, 1990 BA, Brigham Young University, 1983 Project Submitted in
Sexual Harassment Experience, Psychological Climate, and Sex Effect on Perception of Safety
Sexual Harassment Experience, Psychological Climate, and Sex Effect on Perception of Safety by Kenneth C. Barker MA, Florida Atlantic University, 2000 BS, Ambassador College, 1989 Dissertation
The Sexual Harassment–Suicide Connection in the U.S. Military: Contextual Effects of Hostile Work Environment and Trusted Unit Leaders
  • J. Griffith
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Suicide & life-threatening behavior
  • 2019
Survey data from soldiers who completed the Unit Risk Inventory administered during calendar year 2010 were analyzed and there was no statistically significant interaction between sexual harassment and trusted leaders in predicting the suicidal behaviors.
Victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military: Understanding risks and promoting recovery
ABSTRACT Ultimately, sexual harassment and sexual assault can only be eradicated by understanding and intervening with its perpetrators, however a thorough understanding of victims and their
Sexual harassment at work within Belgian Defence: a prevalence study
High prevalence numbers were found suggesting an important impact on the professional performance and mental well-being of female military personnel, and organisational changes may create more willingness among victims to report incidents to the designated services.
What Is Psychological Trauma?
Psychological trauma can alter people’s fundamental beliefs and change the way in which they interact with the world. Sexual and gender-based violence, including sexual assault, childhood sexual
The Phenomenology of Military Sexual Trauma Among Women Veterans
Although researchers have examined health outcomes among survivors of military sexual trauma, knowledge regarding the phenomenology of military sexual trauma among women veterans remains limited. We


Sexual harassment and assault experienced by reservists during military service: prevalence and health correlates.
For both men and women, these experiences were associated with deleterious mental and physical health conditions, with sexual assault demonstrating stronger associations than other types of sexual harassment in most cases.
Why women don’t report sexual harassment: A case study of an elite military institution
Sexual harassment affects the lives of women in a variety of organizational settings, and the United States military has been no exception. While several studies have documented the prevalence of
The Sexual Assault and Secondary Victimization of Female Veterans: Help-Seeking Experiences with Military and Civilian Social Systems
A sample of predominantly low-income, African American female veterans and reservists seeking health care in a Veterans' Administration medical clinic was screened for a history of sexual assault
Socioenvironmental context of sexual trauma and well-being of women veterans.
Results of the study indicated that female veterans with a history of cumulative rape experiences and civilian rape experiences are more at risk for anxiety and depression than those with only a military experience of rape.
Understanding the psychological impact of rape and serious sexual assault of men: a literature review.
A review of the literature reveals very little British empirical research on the psychological impact of rape upon male victims, although the studies that have been carried out provide clear evidence of a wide range of psychological consequences, both in the immediate period following the assault and in the long-term.
Sexual Harassment Severity: Assessing Situational and Personal Determinants and Outcomes
The current study bridges literatures on sexual harassment, person-environment systems, and stress and appraisal processes. Conventional wisdom equates severity of sexual harassment with type of
The (un)reasonableness of reporting: antecedents and consequences of reporting sexual harassment.
It is argued that organizational responses to reports (i.e., organizational remedies, organizational minimization, and retaliation) as well as procedural satisfaction can account for these negative effects of reporting.
The Psychological Impact of Rape Victims’ Experiences With the Legal, Medical, and Mental Health Systems
This review article examines rape victims’ experiences seeking postassault assistance from the legal, medical, and mental health systems and how those interactions impact their psychological
Perceptions of Effectiveness of Responses to Sexual Harassment in the US Military, 1988 and 1995
This analysis compares patterns of response to the harassment experiences that had the greatest effect on the respondents to the ‘1988 Department of Defense (DoD) Survey of Sex Roles in the
Why Didn't She Just Report Him? The Psychological and Legal Implications of Women's Responses to Sexual Harassment
The last few years have seen an increasing awareness of sexual harassment as an important social problem with serious implications for individuals and organizations alike, leading to increased