Victim and Survivor: Narrated Social Identities of Women Who Experienced Rape During the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina

  title={Victim and Survivor: Narrated Social Identities of Women Who Experienced Rape During the War in Bosnia-Herzegovina},
  author={Inger Skjelsb{\ae}k},
  journal={Feminism \& Psychology},
  pages={373 - 403}
This article presents a narrative analysis of interviews with five women who were victims of war rape during the Bosnian war. By giving a voice to women who have experienced such an ordeal and letting them position their experiences, we gain insight into the diverse impacts that war rapes have on different victims, their families and relationships. The narrative analysis makes it possible to analyze the war-rape experiences as unique and different from other war-trauma experiences, while… 


The paper examines the complex interconnection between rape legacy, silence and transmission of sexual scripts through traumatic memories of survivors. By the help of narrative analysis the study

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This article discusses how war rapes and consensual sexual relationships with enemy soldiers are framed and understood, with special emphasis on the consequences for the women involved. It war rapes

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  • Nena Močnik
  • Sociology
    Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance
  • 2019
ABSTRACT This paper shows how the turn from narrative to embodied research practice offers a space to women survivors of war-related sexual violence to rehearse forgiveness in the post-conflict

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Existing research on conflict-related sexual violence focuses on the motivations of perpetrators and effects on survivors. What remains less clear is how postconflict societies respond to the

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This chapter revisits the ambivalent impact of the Bosnian conflict in affecting women’s lives and sense of security, as well opening up opportunities and spaces for women’s political action.

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Children born of war rape continue to be a taboo theme in many post-war societies, also in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH). This study is based on in-depth interviews with eleven adolescents born of war

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Before Angelina Jolie's 2011 film In the Land of Blood and Honey, about the rape of women in the Bosnian war, was filmed, a group of Bosnian women war rape survivors persuaded local government

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This paper examines the subhuman conditions of two critical war cases in Bosnia and Rwanda involving massive sexual violence. The rape of women by soldiers during wartime is considered an unfortunate

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There has been a surge of academic interest in wartime sexual violence since the Bosnian and Rwandan wars in the 1990s. However, there is a paucity of research on the outcomes of wartime sexual

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The use of rape and sexual violence towards civilian women in war is not a new phenomenon. However, it is not until recently that this has become an issue on the international agenda. This thesis



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Introduction definitions of violence in war and the female experience the method and the sample sexual violence physical abuse and homicide psychic violence and fear in war and their consequences for

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rveports of rape in die former Yugoslavia have brought much deserved and long overdue international attention to the issue of rape in war. This attention has highlighted die abusive character of

Embodiment of terror: gendered violence in peacetime and wartime in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  • M. B. Olujic
  • Political Science
    Medical anthropology quarterly
  • 1998
Gendered violence is not a special type of torture used only in war. Its roots are well established in peacetime. This article discusses parallels between the patterns of everyday domination and

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In accordance with the view of many political refugees, we regard the exile of victims as part of the political repression of the country of origin. The activities in the home country against

Invisible casualties of war.

This paper reports the experiences of women who became victims of systematic sexual abuse in the first year of the Bosnian war and describes the fate of the babies of the raped women.

Mass Rape. The War Against Women in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  • A. Wing
  • Political Science
    American Journal of International Law
  • 1994
Stiglmayer has assembled a powerful must-read collection of essays on the timely topic of rape in the Bosnian conflict. She has been a free-lance correspondent in Bosnia-Herzegovina for German and

‘I Must Have Been an Idiot to Let it Go On’: Agency and Positioning in Battered Women’s Narratives of Leaving

To be assaulted is to be subjected to an illegal action and confronted with one’s own helplessness and powerlessness. It also requires confronting one’s own actions, aimed at protection and

Rape Camps as a Means of Ethnic Cleansing: Religious, Cultural, and Ethical Responses to Rape Victims in the Former Yugoslavia

* Todd Salzman completed his doctorate in Moral Theology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 1994. He taught ethics at the University of San Diego for two years (1995-1997), and is currently an

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Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations of Traumatic Stress Syndromes: From Hiroshima to the Nazi Doctors R.J. Lifton. Assement Methodology, and Research Strategies: Identifying Survivors at Risk B.L.