Vibrio species as agents of elasmobranch disease

  title={Vibrio species as agents of elasmobranch disease},
  author={Darrell Jay Grimes and Rita R. Colwell and Joachim Stemmler and Hiroshi Hada and Dan C. Maneval and F. M. Hetrick and Eric Baer May and Ryan T. Jones and Mary Stoskopf},
  journal={Helgol{\"a}nder Meeresuntersuchungen},
TwoVibrio species identified asV. damsela and a new sucrose-positiveVibrio sp.,V. carchariae sp. nov., were simultaneously isolated from a brown shark which died while being held in captivity at a large aquarium. Pathogenicity studies were subsequently conducted using a variety of elasmobranchs, including smooth dogfish and lemon sharks. Both bacterial strains proved pathogenic, causing death in nearly all of the elasmobranch hosts challenged. Virulence studies revealed that both bacterial… CONTINUE READING

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