Vibrational Feshbach resonances in uracil and thymine.

  title={Vibrational Feshbach resonances in uracil and thymine.},
  author={Paul D. Burrow and Gordon A. Gallup and Adam M Scheer and Stephan Denifl and Sylwia Ptasinska and Tilmann D. M{\"a}rk and Paul Scheier},
  journal={The Journal of chemical physics},
  volume={124 12},
Sharp peaks in the dissociative electron attachment (DEA) cross sections of uracil and thymine at energies below 3 eV are assigned to vibrational Feshbach resonances (VFRs) arising from coupling between the dipole bound state and the temporary anion state associated with occupation of the lowest sigma* orbital. Three distinct vibrational modes are identified, and their presence as VFRs is consistent with the amplitudes and bonding characteristics of the sigma* orbital wave function. A… CONTINUE READING