Vibrational Control of Heat and Mass Transfer in Bridgman Melt Growth Configurations


Convective transport of heat and constituent components is dominated by buoyancy driven convection in many terrestrial crystal growth situations. The character of natural buoyant convection in non-uniformly heated, rigidly contained inhomogeneous fluids can be drastically altered by vibration of the container. Therefore, vibrational induced flow can potentially be used to influence and even control transport in some crystal growth situations. A parametric numerical investigation of 3D thermovibrational buoyancy-driven flow in differentially heated cylindrical containers has been conducted to investigate thermovibrational transport regimes in Bridgman-type systems. The objective of the work is to assess the feasibility of the use of vibration to suppress, or control, convection in order to achieve transport control during crystal growth. The formulation of a model for this problem is outlined, numerical method is described and its application to the study of investigation of thermal vibrational flows is discussed. Two types of vibration are considered: translational, and circularly polarized. The results for flows induced by g-jitter and selected results for the cases of longitudinal and lateral vibrations are presented. Copyright c 2000 by A. I. Fedoseyev. Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., with permission.

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