Vibration rotation Raman spectroscopy of gas media

  title={Vibration rotation Raman spectroscopy of gas media},
  author={Michail A. Buldakov and Ivan I. Ippolitov and B. V. Korolev and I. I. Matrosov and A. E. Cheglokov and Victor N. Cherepanov and Yu. S. Makushkin and Oleg Nikolaevich Ulenikov},
Abstract A method using the symmetry properties of molecules has been developed for describing high resolution Raman spectra. This method can be applied to spontaneous Raman scattering and to nonlinear Raman scattering or resonance Raman spectroscopy. A high sensitivity laser Raman spectrometer has been constructed and some weak vibration rotation bands of diatomic molecules have been observed. The polarizability functions of N 2 and O 2 are determined. The laser spectrometer has been used for… CONTINUE READING