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Veto Interval Graphs and Variations

  title={Veto Interval Graphs and Variations},
  author={Breeann Flesch and Jessica Kawana and Joshua D. Laison and Dana Ariel Lapides and Stephanie Partlow and Gregory J. Puleo},
  journal={arXiv: Combinatorics},
We introduce a variation of interval graphs, called veto interval (VI) graphs. A VI graph is represented by a set of closed intervals, each containing a point called a veto mark. The edge $ab$ is in the graph if the intervals corresponding to the vertices $a$ and $b$ intersect, and neither contains the veto mark of the other. We find families of graphs which are VI graphs, and prove results towards characterizing the maximum chromatic number of a VI graph. We define and prove similar results… 


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  • 2004