Vestibulo-ocular reflex pathways in internuclear ophthalmoplegia.

  title={Vestibulo-ocular reflex pathways in internuclear ophthalmoplegia.},
  author={Phillip Cremer and Amerio A Migliaccio and G. Michael Halmagyi and Ian S. Curthoys},
  journal={Annals of neurology},
  volume={45 4},
We measured the vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) during head impulses in a patient with right-sided internuclear ophthalmoplegia. Head impulses are rapid, passive, high-acceleration, low-amplitude head rotations in the direction of a particular semicircular canal (SCC). Adduction of the right eye was abnormally slow during right lateral SCC head impulses. The VOR during left posterior SCC impulses was severely deficient in both eyes, but the VOR during left anterior SCC impulses was only slightly… CONTINUE READING