Vesta's shape and morphology.

  title={Vesta's shape and morphology.},
  author={Ralf Jaumann and D A Williams and Debra L. Buczkowski and R A Yingst and F Preusker and Harald Hiesinger and Nico Schmedemann and Thomas Kneissl and John B Vincent and D. T. Blewett and Bonnie J. Buratti and Uri Carsenty and B. W. Denevi and Maria Cristina De Sanctis and W. Brent Garry and H. Uwe Keller and Ellen Kersten and Katrin Krohn and J Li and Simone Marchi and K D Matz and T. B. Mccord and H Y McSween and S C Mest and David W. Mittlefehldt and S Mottola and Andreas Nathues and Gerhard Neukum and David P. O'Brien and Carl 6 M. Pieters and T H Prettyman and Carol A. Raymond and Thomas Roatsch and Christopher T Russell and Philipp Schenk and B E Schmidt and Frank Scholten and Kristin Stephan and Mark V. Sykes and Pasquale Tricarico and R. Wagner and Maria T. Zuber and Holger Sierks},
  volume={336 6082},
Vesta's surface is characterized by abundant impact craters, some with preserved ejecta blankets, large troughs extending around the equatorial region, enigmatic dark material, and widespread mass wasting, but as yet an absence of volcanic features. Abundant steep slopes indicate that impact-generated surface regolith is underlain by bedrock. Dawn observations confirm the large impact basin (Rheasilvia) at Vesta's south pole and reveal evidence for an earlier, underlying large basin (Veneneia… CONTINUE READING

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