Vesicouterine fistula: a review of eight cases

  title={Vesicouterine fistula: a review of eight cases},
  author={Connice S. DiMarco and David S Dimarco and Christopher J. Klingele and John B. Gebhart},
  journal={International Urogynecology Journal},
Eight cases of vesicouterine fistula (VUF) (obstetrical etiology in six cases and inflammatory bowel disease in two) have been treated in the past 14 years. All six obstetrical cases were related to cesarean section. Both cases of colovesicouterine fistula presented acutely with watery vaginal discharge or fecaluria. Presenting complaints were vaginal urinary incontinence (five cases), hematuria (three), and vaginal discharge (two). Diagnosis was made with cystoscopy in seven cases and computed… CONTINUE READING


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