Vertical migration of leachate pollutants in clayey soils beneath an uncontrolled landfill at Huainan, China: a field and theoretical investigation.

  title={Vertical migration of leachate pollutants in clayey soils beneath an uncontrolled landfill at Huainan, China: a field and theoretical investigation.},
  author={Tony Liangtong Zhan and C Guan and Haijian Xie and Yunmin Chen},
  journal={The Science of the total environment},
To assess the extent of leachate migration, continuous samples of clayey soils (about 9m) were obtained beneath a 17-year old uncontrolled landfill in southeastern China. The soil samples were sub sectioned and analyzed to determine the concentrations of chloride, sodium and COD in the pore water. Total nitrogen and soil organic matter content of the soil samples were also determined. Leachate-derived chloride was detected in the clayey soil to a maximum depth of 9m. Sodium and COD were found… CONTINUE READING
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