Vertical Flux of Biogenic Carbon in the Ocean: Is There Food Web Control?

  title={Vertical Flux of Biogenic Carbon in the Ocean: Is There Food Web Control?},
  author={Rivkin and Legendre and Deibel and Tremblay and Med Michael Klein and Paul R. Crocker and Roy and Silverberg and Lovejoy and Mesple and E Romero and D P Anderson and Matthews and Savenkoff and Vezina and Therriault and Wesson and B{\'e}rub{\'e} and Ingram},
  volume={272 5265},
Models of biogenic carbon (BC) flux assume that short herbivorous food chains lead to high export, whereas complex microbial or omnivorous food webs lead to recycling and low export, and that export of BC from the euphotic zone equals new production (NP). In the Gulf of St. Lawrence, particulate organic carbon fluxes were similar during the spring phytoplankton bloom, when herbivory dominated, and during nonbloom conditions, when microbial and omnivorous food webs dominated. In contrast, NP was… CONTINUE READING

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