Vertex-facet incidences of unbounded polyhedra

  title={Vertex-facet incidences of unbounded polyhedra},
  author={Michael Joswig and Volker Kaibel and Marc E. Pfetsch and G{\"u}nter M. Ziegler},
How much of the combinatorial structure of a pointed polyhedron is contained in its vertex-facet incidences? Not too much, in general, as we demonstrate by examples. However, one can tell from the incidence data whether the polyhedron is bounded. In the case of a polyhedron that is simple and ``simplicial,'' i.e., a d-dimensional polyhedron that has d facets through each vertex and d vertices on each facet, we derive from the structure of the vertexfacet incidence matrix that the polyhedron is… CONTINUE READING

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