Versatile nano-platform for tailored immuno-magnetic carriers.

  title={Versatile nano-platform for tailored immuno-magnetic carriers.},
  author={Emanuela Bonaiuto and Massimiliano Magro and Luca Fasolato and Enrico M Novelli and Saeed Shams and Alessandra Piccirillo and Bita Bakhshi and Tahereh Tohidi Moghadam and Davide Baratella and Fabio Vianello},
  journal={Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry},
  volume={410 29},
Custom immuno-magnetic devices are desirable tools for biomedical and biotechnological applications. Herein, surface active maghemite nanoparticles (SAMNs) are proposed as a versatile platform for developing tailored immuno-magnetic nano-carriers by simple wet reactions. Two examples for conjugating native and biotinylated antibodies were presented along with their successful applications in the recognition of specific foodborne pathogens. Nanoparticles were functionalized with rhodamine B… CONTINUE READING
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