Versatile co-expression of graft-protective proteins using 2A-linked cassettes.

  title={Versatile co-expression of graft-protective proteins using 2A-linked cassettes.},
  author={Nella Fisicaro and Sarah L. Londrigan and Jamie L. Brady and Evelyn J Salvaris and Mark B. Nottle and Philip J. O'connell and Simon Christopher Robson and Anthony J. F. d'Apice and Andrew M. Lew and Peter J Cowan},
  volume={18 2},
BACKGROUND Expression of multiple graft-protective proteins targeted to different locations (i.e., intracellular, cell surface, and secreted) has become an increasingly important goal in xenotransplantation. The 2A "ribosome skip" signal is used as a linker to enable transgene co-expression, but some studies have shown that post-translational modification and trafficking of 2A-linked proteins may be adversely affected depending on their position relative to 2A. We tested whether several… CONTINUE READING
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