Versal deformations and local Hilbert schemes

  title={Versal deformations and local Hilbert schemes},
  author={Nathan Owen Ilten},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
  • N. Ilten
  • Published 12 July 2011
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Algebraic Geometry
We provide an overview of the Macaulay2 package VersalDeformations, which algorithmically computes versal deformations of isolated singularities, as well as local (multi)graded Hilbert schemes. 

Hilbert Schemes and Toric Degenerations for Low Degree Fano Threefolds

For fixed degree $d\leq 12$, we study the Hilbert scheme of degree $d$ smooth Fano threefolds in their anticanonical embeddings. We use this to classify all possible degenerations of these varieties

Toric Degenerations of Low Degree Fano Threefolds

For fixed degree $d\leq 12$, we study the Hilbert scheme of degree $d$ smooth Fano threefolds in their anticanonical embeddings. We use this to classify all possible degenerations of these varieties


  • M. I. Qureshi
  • Mathematics
    Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 2021
Abstract We construct some new deformation families of four-dimensional Fano manifolds of index one in some known classes of Gorenstein formats. These families have explicit descriptions in terms of

The Dimension of the Moduli Space of Pointed Algebraic Curves of Low Genus

We explicitly compute the moduli space pointed algebraic curves with a given numerical semigroup as Weierstrass semigroup for many cases of genus at most seven and determine the dimension for all

Families of Elliptic Curves in P3 and Bridgeland Stability

We study wall crossings in Bridgeland stability for the Hilbert scheme of elliptic quartic curves in three dimensional projective space. We provide a geometric description of each of the moduli

Kähler-Einstein metrics on symmetric Fano T-varieties

Hodge numbers and deformations of Fano 3-folds

We show that index 1 Fano 3-folds which lie in weighted Grassmannians in their total anticanonical embedding have finite automorphism group, and we relate the deformation theory of any Fano 3-fold

Mirror Symmetry and smoothing Gorenstein toric affine 3-folds

We state two conjectures that together allow one to describe the set of smoothing components of a Gorenstein toric affine 3-fold in terms of a combinatorially defined and easily studied set of

Some Singular Lex-Segments

We study the component structures of some standard-graded Hilbert schemes closely related to a Hilbert scheme of curves studied by Gotzmann. In particular, we encounter examples of singular



Computing Versal Deformations with Singular

  • B. Martin
  • Mathematics
    Algorithmic Algebra and Number Theory
  • 1997
This article is a survey on the Real Nullstellensatz and related topics. Special emphasis is put on computational aspects.

Computing Versal Deformations

As an application I discuss the smoothability of a certain curve singularity, a case I had not been to settle with general methods, and finds an example of a reduced curve singularities with several smoothing components.

Formal moduli of algebraic structures

Sections of functors.- Lifting algebras and morphisms of algebras.- Global cohomology.- Global obstruction theory and formal moduli.- Some applications.

Deformations of Singularities

A singularity of dimension higher than 2 is called a higher-dimensional singularity. In this section we mostly discuss higher-dimensional singularities. Unless otherwise stated, singularities are

The Hilbert scheme of the diagonal in a product of projective spaces

The diagonal in a product of projective spaces is cut out by the ideal of 2x2-minors of a matrix of unknowns. The multigraded Hilbert scheme which classifies its degenerations has a unique

Deformations of algebraic varieties with G[m] action

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Deformation Theory

In these notes we’ll give an introduction to deformation theory and apply it to the special case of abelian schemes. We’ll start by defining the deformation functor and show how the cohomology groups

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— A Tannakian category is an abelian tensor category equipped with a fiber functor and additional structures which ensure that it is equivalent to the category of representations of some affine

SINGULAR: a computer algebra system for polynomial computations

SINGULAR is a specialized computer algebra system for polynomial computations with emphasize on the needs of commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory, which features one of the fastest and most general implementations of various algorithms for computing standard resp.

Matric massey products and formal moduli I