Verotoxin-1 induction of apoptosis in Gb3-expressing human glioma cell lines.

  title={Verotoxin-1 induction of apoptosis in Gb3-expressing human glioma cell lines.},
  author={David Johansson and Anders Johansson and Kjell Grankvist and U. Andersson and Roger Henriksson and Per Bergstr{\"o}m and Thomas Br{\"a}nnstr{\"o}m and Parviz Behnam-Motlagh},
  journal={Cancer biology & therapy},
  volume={5 9},
The aim of this study was to examine the cytotoxicity and mechanism of apoptosis induction of verotoxin-1 (VT-1) in human glioma cell lines. VT-1 is a member of the shiga-toxin family expressed by some serotypes of Escherichia coli and Shigella dysenteriae. Shiga-toxins have been shown to induce apoptosis by binding to its membrane receptor Gb3. The human glioma cell lines SF-767, U-343 MG, and U-251 MG were studied together with BT4C, a rat glioma cell line. Cells were first screened for Gb3… CONTINUE READING
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