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Veronese quotient models of $\bar{M}_{0,n}$ and conformal blocks

  title={Veronese quotient models of \$\bar\{M\}_\{0,n\}\$ and conformal blocks},
  author={A. Gibney and D. Jensen and Han-Bom Moon and David Swinarski},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
The moduli space $\bar{M}_{0,n}$ of Deligne-Mumford stable n-pointed rational curves admits morphisms to spaces recently constructed by Giansiracusa, Jensen, and Moon that we call Veronese quotients. We study divisors on $\bar{M}_{0,n}$ associated to these maps and show that these divisors arise as first Chern classes of vector bundles of conformal blocks. 
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