Vermigli Replicating Aquinas: An Overlooked Continuity in the Doctrine of Predestination

  title={Vermigli Replicating Aquinas: An Overlooked Continuity in the Doctrine of Predestination},
  author={David S. Sytsma},
  journal={Reformation \& Renaissance Review},
  pages={155 - 167}
  • David S. Sytsma
  • Published 4 May 2018
  • Philosophy
  • Reformation & Renaissance Review
ABSTRACT Although Peter Martyr Vermigli is well recognized for his integration of Thomism with Reformed theology, there is no consensus on whether to consider Thomas Aquinas a dominant influence on his doctrine of predestination. Recent scholarship argues that Gregory of Rimini’s influence is greater than Aquinas. This essay provides strong evidence to the contrary for the influence of Aquinas on Vermigli’s early exposition of predestination as a Reformer. Vermigli not only drew upon Aquinas’s… 


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