Verifying Universal Properties of Parameterized Networks

  title={Verifying Universal Properties of Parameterized Networks},
  author={Kai Baukus and Yassine Lakhnech and Karsten Stahl},
Kai Baukus1 Yassine Lakhne h2y Karsten Stahl1 1 Institute of Computer S ien e and Applied Mathemati s University of Kiel Preusserstr. 1{9, D-24105 Kiel, Germany fkba, kstg 2 VERIMAG, Centre Equation 2 Av. de Vignate, 38610 Gi eres, Fran e lakhne h Abstra t In this paper, we present a method for the veri ation of soalled universal properties of fair parameterized networks of similar pro esses, that is, properties of the form 8p1 : : : pn : , where is a quanti er… CONTINUE READING
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