Verification of a sliding window protocol in μCRL and PVS


We prove the correctness of a sliding window protocol with an arbitrary finite window size n and sequence numbers modulo 2n. The correctness consists of showing that the sliding window protocol is branching bisimilar to a queue of capacity 2n. The proof is given entirely on the basis of an axiomatic theory, and has been checked in the theorem prover PVS.

DOI: 10.1007/s00165-005-0070-0

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@article{Badban2005VerificationOA, title={Verification of a sliding window protocol in μCRL and PVS}, author={Bahareh Badban and Wan Fokkink and Jan Friso Groote and Jun Pang and Jaco van de Pol}, journal={Formal Aspects of Computing}, year={2005}, volume={17}, pages={342-388} }