Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems

  title={Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems},
  author={Paulo Tabuada},
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A Survey on Logical Control Systems

This paper gives a comprehensive introduction to logical control systems (LCSs), including its history, the logical background, the expression, the fundamental mathematical tool, and the analyzing method, which form the foundation of logical control system theory (LCST).

Formal synthesis of control strategies for dynamical systems

  • C. Belta
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE 55th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
  • 2016
In formal verification, the goal is to check whether the executions of a system satisfy a rich property, usually expressed as a temporal logic formula. While the formal verification problem received

Inductive Certificate Synthesis for Control Design

The focus of this thesis is developing a framework for designing correct-by-construction controllers using control certificates, which shows that discovering control certificates is practically feasible and demonstrates the effectiveness of the automatically designed controllers through simulations and real physical systems experiments.

Stability analysis and controller synthesis for hybrid dynamical systems

An overview from the perspective of the control community on modelling, analysis and control design for hybrid dynamical systems is presented and the major research lines in this appealing and lively research area are surveyed.

Correct-by-Construction Adaptive Cruise Control: Two Approaches

Two different control software synthesis methods for adaptive cruise control are discussed, each of which produces a controller that is correct-by-construction, meaning that trajectories of the closed-loop systems provably meet the specification.

Controller Verification and Design with Logical Analysis Support

The addition of a forward invariant cut proof rule to KeYmaera’s reasoning calculus allows one to leverage designer insights into proofs of safety of aclosed-loop system, and a tool called Perseus to automatically check when a controller satisfies a control envelope is described.

Integrated Design of Symbolic Controllers for Nonlinear Systems

Inspired by on-the-fly techniques for verification and control of finite state machines, in this note an algorithm is proposed that integrates the construction of the symbolic models with the design of the symbols of continuous and hybrid systems.

Refinements of behavioural abstractions for the supervisory control of hybrid systems

This paper considers behavioural abstractions of hybrid systems with a prescribed discrete-event input/output interface and discusses a family of abstractions based on so called experiments which consist of samples from the external behaviour of the hybrid system.

Formal verification of hybrid systems

  • R. Alur
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    2011 Proceedings of the Ninth ACM International Conference on Embedded Software (EMSOFT)
  • 2011
This article briefly review selected existing approaches to formal verification of hybrid systems, along with directions for future research.