Veri cation Methodology of Compatible Microprocessors

  title={Veri cation Methodology of Compatible Microprocessors},
  author={Joon-Seo Yim and Chang-Jae Park and Woo-Seung Yang and Hun-Seung Oh and Hee-Choul Lee and Hoon Choi and Tae-Hoon Kim and S Lee and Nara Won and Yung-Hei Lee and In-Cheol Park and Chong-Min Kyung},
| As the complexity of high-performance microprocessor increases, functional veri cation becomes more di cult and emerges as the bottleneck of the design cycle. In this paper, we suggest a functional veri cation methodology, especially for the compatible microprocessor design. To guarantee the perfect compatibility with previous microprocessors, we developed three C models in di erent representation levels, i.e., Polaris, MCV(Micro-Code Veri er) and StreC. C models are co-simulated with… CONTINUE READING