Vergleichende geobotanische Untersuchungen in der Baschkirischen ASSR 3. Teil: Wasserpflanzen-, Flußufer- und Halophytenvegetation

  title={Vergleichende geobotanische Untersuchungen in der Baschkirischen ASSR 3. Teil: Wasserpflanzen-, Flu{\ss}ufer- und Halophytenvegetation},
  author={S. Klotz and U. K{\"o}ck},
  journal={Feddes Repertorium},
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Nomenclatural Notes on Some Alliances of the Halophytic Vegetation of Southern Ural and the Caspian Lowlands
Abstract The paper presents validations of some syntaxon names of the saline vegetation of Eastern Europe (southern Russia and Kazakhstan), namely of the Carici dilutae-Juncion gerardii, AnabasioExpand
Long-term dynamics of macrophyte dominance and growth- form types in two north-west German lowland streams
Analysis of patterns in dominance and growth forms of macrophytes over a period of 21 years in relation to changes in water chemistry, disturbance regime and extreme weather conditions in two reference streams in the north-west German lowlands concludes that dynamics of species dominance as well as the occurrence of growth form assemblages are not controlled by physicochemical environmental factors at the scale of observation. Expand
Classification of aquatic vegetation (Potametea) in Baikal Siberia, Russia, and its diversity in a northern Eurasian context
It is shown that Baikal Siberia’s Euro-Siberian aquatic vegetation gradually declines in species and community richness towards east, and large-scale phytogeographical comparison of sets of diagnostic species of Potametea across Northern Eurasia revealed that BaIKal Siberia harbours two thirds of the diversity of macrophyte vegetation of Northern Asia and 40% of that of Northern EurasIA. Expand
ClassAsteretea tripolium on the territory of the former USSR and Mongolia
Higher syntaxa of the classAsteretea tripolium are reviewed. This class covers plant communities of the Euro-Asian continent on low- and medium-salinized soils with medium moisture conditions whereExpand
Analysis of Flora and Vegetation in Rivers: Concepts and Applications
The following plant groups are generally considered as macrophytes: macrophytic green, red and brown algae, stone worts, mosses and liverworts, and hydrophytic vascular plants (with the main growthExpand
Vegetation Science (Sociobiological Geobotany)
Accelerated fundamental changes of the vegetational cover are becoming apparent in more and more countries or regions. The study of these changes, including their causes and the investigation ofExpand


Zu einigen nitrophilen Pflanzengesellschaften von Kiew/Ukrainische SSR
Die Arbeit informiert anhand von 78 phytosoziologischen Aufnahmen uber einige nitrophile Pflanzengesellschaften der Umgebung von Kiew/Sowjetunion. Eine neue Assoziation (Myosotido-AlliarietumExpand