Vergleichende Mikromorphologie der Narbenoberflächen bei den Angiospermen; Zusammenhänge mit Pollenoberflächen bei heterostylen Sippen


Stigmatic surfaces of about 250 species from more than 100 families were examined by scanning electron microscopy. There are five main groups which differ by the amount of secretion, the morphology of the surface and the distribution of receptive cells. The types of stigmatic surfaces are often remarkably constant on the family level.Ericaceae andLiliaceae are examples for very heterogenous families. Particular interest was paid to heteromorphic (heterostylous and cleistogamous) species. In most heterostylous species there is a close morphological correlation between the stigmatic surface and the sculpture of compatible pollen. Heterostyly was established for the genusGoniolimon. The dimorphism of plants with chasmogamous and cleistogamous flowers is a phenomenon which is not comparable to the polymorphism of heterostylous forms.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00985924

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