• Medicine
  • Published 2017

Vergleichende Beurteilung degenerativer Bandscheibenveränderungen in der Röntgendiagnostik, der FFE-Sequenz und der T2 Gewichtung der Magnetresonanztomographie

  title={Vergleichende Beurteilung degenerativer Bandscheibenver{\"a}nderungen in der R{\"o}ntgendiagnostik, der FFE-Sequenz und der T2 Gewichtung der Magnetresonanztomographie},
  author={Katarina Kunze},
In the current study medical records of 208 dogs presented with ataxia respectively paraparesis/paraplegia or seizures (control group) between 2010 and 2012 at the Small Animal Hospital of the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover were reviewed. The aim of the study was the comparison of the structure of the intervertebral disc in radiological examination with two sequences of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), T2 weighted images and Fast Field Echo (FFE) sequence. X-rays and MR… CONTINUE READING