Verbascum oreophilum var. oreophilum and Verbascum cheiranthifolium var. asperulum (Scrophulariaceae) two new records for the flora of Iran

  title={Verbascum oreophilum var. oreophilum and Verbascum cheiranthifolium var. asperulum (Scrophulariaceae) two new records for the flora of Iran},
  author={Arash Sotoodeh and Laure Civeyrel and Farideh Attar and Asghar Zamani},
Verbascum oreophilum Koch var. oreophilum and Verbascum cheiranthifolium var. asperulum (Boiss.) Murbeck (Scrophulariaceae) are reported and illustrated for the first time from North-West of Iran. The diagnostic morphological characters from closely related taxa are discussed, and a distribution map of these taxa is provided for Iran. 
Verbascum shahsavarensis (Scrophulariaceae), a new species for Flora of Iran
A new endemic species, Verbascum shahsavarensis, is described from north of Iran. Based on two unique characters of this species, these being two anterior longitudinally obliquely inserted anthers
Focusing on three Verbascum L. taxa (Scrophulariaceae) of the Flora of Iran
The present article discusses morphological and hierarchical clustering analyses of key characters of these taxa, and provides their conservation status assessment and their distribution map for Iran.
Verbascum songaricum subsp. subdecurrens: a new record, typification and the true identity of V. aspinum as a new synonym of V. stachydiforme in the Flora of Iran
SummaryVerbascum aspinum is introduced as a new synonym of V. stachydiforme. V. songaricum subsp. subdecurrens (Scrophulariaceae) is reported for the first time from North and Northwest Iran.
A new species of Verbascum L. (Scrophulariaceae) from the Gilan province (Iran), based on morphological and molecular evidences
A new endemic species from north of Iran: Verbascum parsana Sotoodeh, Attar & Civeyrel, sp.


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