Veratrum viride in the treatment of hypertensive vascular disease.

  title={Veratrum viride in the treatment of hypertensive vascular disease.},
  author={Walter S. Coe and Maurice M. Best and J. Murray Kinsman},
  journal={Journal of the American Medical Association},
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Recent favorable reports of the use of the veratrum alkaloids in essential hypertension suggest the need for revaluation of the drug which had passed into "deserved oblivion." 1 In 1946 Hite 2 reported the first clinical evaluation of the use of the biologically standardized whole powdered drug. He observed in a series of 30 cases that 60 per cent had a fall of greater than 25 mm. of mercury in systolic pressure and 26.6 per cent a reduction of 20 mm. in diastolic pressure. Daily dosage varied… Expand
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The use of purified veratrum viride alkaloids in the treatment of essential hypertension.
Until it has been shown that the relatively noxious alkaloids of veratrum viride effectively alter the long-term course of hypertensive vascular disease and do not merely lower the blood pressure temporarily in an occasional patient, it is decry the widespread recommendation and use of these products. Expand
Treatment of hypertension with orally and parenterally administered purified extracts of veratrum viride; comparison with ganglionic (Hexamethonium) and adrenergic blocking agents.
The purification of the Veratrum alkaloids and the synthesis of several new compounds which produce ganglionic or adrenergic blockade has led to a more specific approach to the treatment of hypertension. Expand
Comparison of the effects of veratrum alkaloids and of hexamethonium bromide upon the blood pressure in arterial hypertension.
The main toxic manifestation of hexamethonium bromide is faintness and lassitude associated with excessive fall of blood pressure; the symptoms are maximal when the blood pressure is at its lowest level. Expand
Hypertension and hypertensive cardiovascular disease; review of recent observations.
The review which follows deviates from the staid and sometimes tedious paths of the classic review in that the field is considered in terms of concepts and technics with which the author has some personal familiarity. Expand
A clinical evaluation of oral veriloid in the treatment of hypertensive disease.
Excerpt The focus of attention in the treatment of hypertensive disease has turned toward the use of hypotensive drugs. Among a number of hypotensive drugs which have stimulated interest are prepar...
Gender-Dependent Pharmacokinetics of Veratramine in Rats: In Vivo and In Vitro Evidence
The significant gender-dependent hepatic metabolism of veratramine could be the major contributor to its gender- dependent pharmacokinetics. Expand
Identification and characterization of in vitro and in vivo metabolites of steroidal alkaloid veratramine
CYP2D6 and SULT2A1 mediating hydroxylation and sulfation were identified as the major biotransformation for veratramine. Expand
The medical management of arterial hypertension.
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This poster presents a simple and straightforward procedure for quantifying the concentrations of thiocyanate and nitroprusside in the blood of rabbits using a simple, straightforward, and scalable apparatus. Expand
A Structure‐Activity Relationship between the Veratrum Alkaloids on the Antihypertension and DNA Damage Activity in Mice
It was suggested that the 3‐carboxylic esters and benzene group play a core role in the DNA damage of brain cells, while more hydroxy groups in the A‐ring and B‐ring structure of jervine‐type alkaloid led to stronger antihypertensive activity. Expand
Klinische Symptomatologie und Therapie der A-Avitaminose
Vitamin A-Mangelsymptome mussen schon den alten Agyptern und den Griechen bekannt gewesen sein. So wird die Nachtblindheit im Papyrus Ebers erwahnt und der Genus von Leber als Heilmittel dagegenExpand


The hemodynamic effects of hypotensive drugs in man; veratrum viride.
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