Ventricular ependymoma in a German Shepherd dog.

  title={Ventricular ependymoma in a German Shepherd dog.},
  author={Sevil Atalay Vural and Omer Beşalti and Fatma Ilhan and Ahmet Ozak and Mehmet Haligur},
  journal={Veterinary journal},
  volume={172 1},
Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) together with clinical, pathomorphological and immunohistological methods, a ependymoma is described in a 9-year-old German Shepherd dog, which presented with behavioural and oculocephalic responses and generalised ataxia. The ependymoma, 9 x 6 x 5mm in size, was localised intra-axially in the right interventricular foramen and hydrocephalus was observed by MRI. Microscopically, the tumour was composed of pseudorosettes, and immunohistochemical examination… CONTINUE READING

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