Ventricular dyssynchrony assessment using ultra-high frequency ECG technique

  title={Ventricular dyssynchrony assessment using ultra-high frequency ECG technique},
  author={Pavel Jur{\'a}k and Josef Hal{\'a}mek and Jaroslav Meluz{\'i}n and Filip Plesinger and Tereza Postranecka and Jolana Lipoldov{\'a} and Miroslav Novak and V. Vondra and Ivo Viscor and Ladislav Soukup and Petr Klimes and Petr Vesel{\'y} and J {\vS}umbera and Karel Zeman and Roshini S. Asirvatham and Jason Tri and Samuel J. Asirvatham and Pavel Leinveber},
  booktitle={Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology},
The aim of this proof-of-concept study is to introduce new high-dynamic ECG technique with potential to detect temporal-spatial distribution of ventricular electrical depolarization and to assess the level of ventricular dyssynchrony. 5-kHz 12-lead ECG data was collected. The amplitude envelopes of the QRS were computed in an ultra-high frequency band of 500–1000 Hz and were averaged (UHFQRS). UHFQRS V lead maps were compiled, and numerical descriptor identifying ventricular dyssynchrony… CONTINUE READING