Ventral Hernia Repair: Outcomes Change with Long-Term Follow-Up


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Ventral hernia repairs continue to have high recurrence rates. The surgical literature is lacking data assessing the time trend to hernia recurrence after ventral hernia repairs and whether over time the recurrence rates change with laparoscopic technique compared to open repairs. Our aim was to carry out a long-term comparative analysis of ventral hernia repairs performed at our hospital over the last 10-y period to assess if outcomes change during the follow-up period. METHODS We conducted a retrospective observational study analyzing electronic medical records of all consecutive patients who had a ventral hernia repair from January 2001 to February 2010 at our hospital. RESULTS During the study period, 436 ventral hernia repairs were performed: laparoscopic repairs (n=156; 36%), laparoscopic converted to open (n=8; 2%), and open repairs (n=272; 62%). We analyzed the time distribution to hernia recurrence after surgery and found that 85% of recurrences after laparoscopic repairs and 77% of recurrences after open repairs occurred within 2 y of surgery. We did a Kaplan-Meier analysis for the subgroup of patients for whom we had a minimum 4-y follow-up and found that there continued to be a low subsequent yearly recurrence rate for open repairs after the initial 2-y follow-up. CONCLUSION Most hernia recurrences occur within 2 y after surgery for ventral hernias. There appears to be a continued although low subsequent yearly rate of recurrence for open repairs.

DOI: 10.4293/108680812X13427982377067

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