Ventilatory changes in heat-stressed humans with spinal-cord injury

  title={Ventilatory changes in heat-stressed humans with spinal-cord injury},
  author={Bradley R Wilsmore and James D Cotter and Guy M Bashford and Nigel A. S. Taylor},
  journal={Spinal Cord},
Study design:Single trial using matched subjects under tightly-controlled experimental conditions.Objective:Humans with spinal-cord injury have a reduced ability to dissipate heat. The current project examined the possibility that, in such people, an elevated ventilatory response (panting) may act as a supplementary avenue for heat loss.Setting:Australia, New South Wales.Methods:Breathing frequency was measured during a resting heat exposure (⩽2 h) in 10 subjects with spinal-cord injury (C4–L5… CONTINUE READING


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