Venous thromboembolic disease and ABO blood type.

  title={Venous thromboembolic disease and ABO blood type.},
  author={HarrietG. Hill and Nancy B. Loudon and Christianna Pitcher and V M Pocock},
  volume={1 7595},
ABO blood type and duration of oral contraception were recorded in 200 Edinburgh women to see whether a decrease in type O women continuing the pill could account for the deficiency of type O among thromboembolism victims. The expected blood type distribution for Scotland is 52% O 34% A 11% B and 3% AB. 200 pill users were 52.5% O 35% A 10% B and 2.5% AB. Those who continued 12 months or less were 55% O 31% A 10% B and 4% AB. After 24 months there were 45.5% O 38% A 14.5% B and 2% AB. The… CONTINUE READING

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