Venous drainage of the pancreas and its relations to pancreatic phlebography

  title={Venous drainage of the pancreas and its relations to pancreatic phlebography},
  author={Y. Birtwisle and Ch. Ferrari and Andr{\'e} Bourgeon and Pauline Butori and Laurent Hannoun and H. Richelme},
  journal={Anatomia Clinica},
The anatomy of the pancreatic veins has become the object of renewed interest due to the advent of pancreatic phlebography coupled with selective blood sampling to diagnose the site of endocrine tumors of this organ. This study, based on the examination of 50 postmortem glands prepared by the technique of injection-corrosion, was undertaken to identify the veins of the pancreas and establish anatomicosurgical correlations. The right pancreas is drained by four relatively constant veins of… CONTINUE READING


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