Venona and Alger Hiss

  title={Venona and Alger Hiss},
  author={J. Lowenthal},
  journal={Intelligence and National Security},
  pages={130 - 98}
  • J. Lowenthal
  • Published 1 September 2000
  • History
  • Intelligence and National Security
Alger Hiss, the American diplomat tried in a US federal district court in New York and convicted in 1950 of perjury, remains a disputed icon of the Cold War, representing either infiltration of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations by Communist spies or an historic miscarriage of justice. This article shows that a ‘Venona’ document released by the US and the UK in 1996 tentatively identifying Hiss as an espionage agent is erroneous and irreconcilable with the evidence presented by the US at… 
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In Re Alger Hiss: A Final Verdict from the Archives of the KGB
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    Journal of Cold War Studies
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v Introduction 1 The Accused: Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White 5 The Accusers and their Accusations 9 The Evidence 13 Arguments for the Defense 15 The Morgenthau Plan 22
Correspondence: Exchange on Vassiliev Notebooks and Alger Hiss
Editor’s Preface: An overwhelming amount of evidence has emerged over the past twenty years from the archives of the former USSR and from other former Soviet-bloc countries conarming that Alger Hiss
The Alger Hiss Case


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