Venom immunotherapy in the Hymenoptera-allergic pregnant patient.

  title={Venom immunotherapy in the Hymenoptera-allergic pregnant patient.},
  author={Howard J. Schwartz and David B. K. Golden and Richard Funk Lockey},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={85 4},
Natural or iatrogenic causes of anaphylaxis are significant risk factors in pregnancy. A 3% to 5% risk of sting anaphylaxis in any pregnant woman with insect-sting allergy untreated with venom immunotherapy (VIT) can be calculated. Insect-sting anaphylaxis has allegedly caused severe fetal abnormalities and is a potential cause of fetal loss and severe maternal morbidity and/or mortality. Hymenoptera anaphylaxis is a highly preventable cause of anaphylaxis, but VIT may itself carry a risk… CONTINUE READING

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