Venom allergy in adult Swedes: a population study.

  title={Venom allergy in adult Swedes: a population study.},
  author={Eythor H Bj{\"o}rnsson and Christer Janson and Peter Plaschke and Eva Norrman and Olof Sj{\"o}berg},
  volume={50 10},
Hymenoptera allergies are a cause of considerable morbidity. However, deaths due to insect sting constitute a health hazard that can be minimized by effective therapy. We report the results of a study of 1815 men and women, aged 20-44 years and resident in three areas of Sweden. The prevalence of sensitization to the venom allergens of honeybees and wasps was assessed by RAST. Atopy and allergic diseases were considered possible risk factors for symptom development. Of the 1815 subjects, 1399… CONTINUE READING

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