Venoconstrictor effect of dihydroergotamine in superficial hand veins

  title={Venoconstrictor effect of dihydroergotamine in superficial hand veins},
  author={Walter H. Aellig},
  journal={European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology},
The effect of dihydroergotamine on superficial veins of the hand has been investigated in healthy volunteers. The compliance of the veins was assessed by measurement of their diameter at a standard congestion pressure. Direct local infusion into the vein under study of 0.4 µg and 2.0 µg dihydroergotamine reduced venous compliance by 15±5% and 30±3%, respectively. Local infusion of phentolamine 20 µg, an α-adrenoceptor blocking drug, did not affect venous compliance, but markedly inhibited the… CONTINUE READING