Veno-arterial carbon dioxide gradient in human septic shock.

  title={Veno-arterial carbon dioxide gradient in human septic shock.},
  author={Jan Bakker and Jean-Louis Vincent and Pere Gris and Marty Leon and Michel Coffernils and Robert J. Kahn},
  volume={101 2},
Recent reports have shown that venous hypercarbia, resulting in a widening of the veno-arterial difference in PCO2 (dPCO2), is related to systemic hypoperfusion in various forms of low-flow state. Although septic shock usually is a hyperdynamic state, other factors can influence the CO2 production and elimination, and thus dPCO2 in septic shock This study examined the dPCO2 and acid-base balance together with cardiac output measurements and oxygen-derived variables in 64 adult patients with… CONTINUE READING