Velopharyngeal aerodynamics of /m/ and /p/ in tracheoesophageal speech.

  title={Velopharyngeal aerodynamics of /m/ and /p/ in tracheoesophageal speech.},
  author={Jeffrey P. Searl and Paul M Evitts},
  journal={Journal of voice : official journal of the Voice Foundation},
  volume={18 4},
The purpose of this study was to compare oral pressure (P(o)), nasal airflow (V(n)), and velopharyngeal (VP) orifice area estimates from 12 tracheoesophageal (TE) and 12 laryngeal speakers as they produced /p/ and /m/ in syllable series. The findings were as follows: (1) TE speakers produced greater P(o) than the laryngeal speakers; (2) for /p/, TE speakers generated V(n), and VP orifice area estimates comparable with, or less than, the laryngeal speakers; and (3) for /m/, TE speakers had V(n… CONTINUE READING

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