Velocity measurements in the liquid metal flow driven by a two-phase inductor

  title={Velocity measurements in the liquid metal flow driven by a two-phase inductor},
  author={Alex Pedcenko and Andris Bojarevi{\vc}s and Jānis Priede and Gunter Gerbeth and R. Hermann},
  journal={Experiments in Fluids},
We present the results of velocity measurements obtained by ultrasonic Doppler velocimetry and local potential probes in the flow of GaInSn eutectic melt driven by a two-phase inductor in a cylindrical container. This type of flow is expected in a recent modification to the floating zone technique for the growth of small-diameter single intermetallic compound crystals. We show that the flow structure can be changed from the typical two toroidal vortices to a single vortex by increasing the… 

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