Velocity-controlled entanglement of two atoms


Entanglement evolution of two atoms is related to the field mode structure in an optical resonant cavity when the atoms are moving and the optical field is in coherent state. We know the evolvement of entanglement of two atoms is disorderly when two atoms in the cavity are fixed at initial time. However, the evolvement of entanglement of two atoms becomes well-regulated orderly under the coherent cavity field when atoms are in motion at beginning. We find that it is possible to control this periodic entanglement by properly choosing the velocity of atoms and the initial field.

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@article{XunMing2011VelocitycontrolledEO, title={Velocity-controlled entanglement of two atoms}, author={Cai Xun-Ming and Fan Meng-Hui}, journal={2011 International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet)}, year={2011}, pages={5470-5473} }