Vela Pulsar and Its Synchrotron Nebula

  title={Vela Pulsar and Its Synchrotron Nebula},
  author={David J. Helfand and Eric Van Gotthelf and Jules P. Halpern},
We present high-resolution Chandra X-ray observations of PSR B0833-45, the 89 ms pulsar associated with the Vela supernova remnant. We have acquired two observations separated by 1 month to search for changes in the pulsar and its environment following an extreme glitch in its rotation frequency. We find a well-resolved nebula with a toroidal morphology remarkably similar to that observed in the Crab Nebula, along with an axial Crab-like jet. Between the two observations, taken ~3 × 105 s and… CONTINUE READING

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